Item Designation Test method


Tensile testing at ambient temperature

SR EN ISO 6892-1; ASTM E8M


Vickers hardness test

SR EN ISO 6507-1; ASTM E384


 Rockwell hardness test (HRB, HRC)

SR EN ISO 6508-1; ASTM E18


 Bend test

SR ISO 7438; ASTM 290


Erichsen cupping test

SR EN ISO 20482


Earing test

ISO 11531


Determination of plastic strain ratio

ISO 10113


Determination of tensile strain hardening exponent

ISO 10275


Micrographic determination of the ferritic or austenitic grain size of steels

SR ISO 643; ASTM E112


Determination of resistance to intergranullar corrosion of stainless steels

SR EN ISO 3651-1,2; ASTM A262; ASTM A763


Determination of nonmetallic inclusion content of steel

ASTM E45; EN10247; DIN 50602; ISO 4967


Optical emission spectrometric analysis of stainless steel (OES)

ASTM E1086, STAS 11464


Assessment of surface roughness

SR EN ISO 4288