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Company History


  • Corporate headquarters :
    Targoviste, 16 Gaesti Street, 130087
  • Registration No.: J15/288/1991
  • Fiscal code(C.I.F.) : RO921641
  • Phone : +40 245 209 100
  • Fax : +40 245 611 230
  • www.otelinox.ro

OTELINOX was established on June 01 1974, following an international auction won by Japanese companies NISSHIN STEEL CO Ltd. For manufacturing of cold rolled stainless steel strips and sheets and DAIDO STEEL Co for manufacturing of hot rolled small profiles and wire rod.
In November 1979 the stainless steel sheets and strips production plant have been commissioned. Japanese companies HITACHI, MITSUBISHI and NISSHIN STEEL brought the know-how. Currently, Rolling Mill no.1 Plant has been modernized to satisfy the highest international standards.
OTELINOX is the only cold laminated stainless steel sheets and strips producer in Romania and Eastern Europe. Its products are exported especially in Europe, but also in Asia and North America, etc.

In February 1981, the Wire Rod and Bar Mill production plant was commissioned. Now, this plant doesn’t exist.

In October 1997, SAMSUNG DEUTSCHLAND GmbH – a branch of SAMSUNG CORPORATION Korea, has acquired the main package of shares (51%) of OTELINOX S.A. Now, Samsung Deutschland GmbH holds 94.25% of OTELINOX social capital.

Starting 1998, SAMSUNG dedicates itself to rebuild and develop OTELINOX, so this will have, in the nearest future, an important role in the Romanian economy, as well as within SAMSUNG group. A large program of investments was implemented, aiming for the upgrade and automate of the equipments, but also new investments.

In July 2002, a large investment was finalized, by creating a new production unit – Rolling Mill no.2 Plant. The plant produces thin and ultra-thin stainless steel narrow strips with thickness between 0.05 and 0.8 mm and widths between 5 and 650 mm.

In April 2010, a new production unit was finalized – Rolling Mill no.3 Plant. The project for the new production unit started in September 2007 and the works were of large scale. Rolling Mill no.3 produces high precision stainless steel wide strips, with thickness between 0.1 and 1.5 mm and widths between 30 and 1250 mm.
The cold rolling mill is the third high performance Sendzimir rolling mill in Otelinox. 
Our current production cappacity is of arround 60.000 tone per year.
The products made in the new plant are 95% for the external market, same as all stainless steel product made in OTELINOX.

The 700 employees were educated in the spirit of continuous improvement, development and innovation, many being involved in Six Sigma projects, a quality system implemented in OTELINOX since 2004.

For the future, OTELINOX targets to continuously expand its production range, to create high value products, to develop the internal and international market, being preoccupied to realize its vision to be a world leader in stainless steel high precision products.